How to Configure Authentication using Client Certificates

c# - How to use a client certificate to authenticate and I am trying to use a client certificate to authenticate and authorize devices using a Web API and developed a simple proof of concept to work through issues with the potential solution. I am running into an issue where the client certificate is not being received by the web application. Kubernetes – Don’t Use Certificates for Authentication With certificate authentication you need to upload your Kubernetes configuration. You are giving the dashboard your private key to act on your behalf. This is also violates the cardinal rule of certificates to never give away your private key. Finally, certificate authentication makes it very hard to use … Deploy Machine Certificates for Authentication

In server side i look for ssl_client_cert header name to check if it is a certificate based authentication (as i have other modes of authentication too). But it seems the header is not being sent by postman. Is there anything else i need to activate in postman. What is hitting me is that i have kept the authorization mode in postman as no auth.

Client Certificates vs. Server Certificates – What’s the To some, the mention of PKI or ‘Client Certificates’ may conjure up images of businesses protecting and completing their customers’ online transactions, yet such certificates are found throughout our daily lives, in any number of flavors; when we sign into a VPN; use a bank card at an ATM, or a card to gain access to a building; within Oyster public transport smart cards, for example

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