PF: The OpenBSD Packet Filter

Jan 14, 2018 · How to disable PF from the CLI # pfctl -d . How to enable PF from the CLI # pfctl -e . How to flush ALL PF rules/nat/tables from the CLI # pfctl -F all Sample outputs: rules cleared nat cleared 0 tables deleted. 2 states cleared source tracking entries cleared pf: statistics cleared pf: interface flags reset How to flush only the PF RULES from Flush only NAT: pfctl -F nat. Flush all statistics that are not part of any rule: pfctl -F info. Clear all counters: pfctl -z. Output PF Information. Show filter information: pfctl -s rules. or. pfctl -sr. Show filter information for which FILTER rules hit: pfctl -v -s rules. Filter information as above and prepend rule numbers: pfctl -vvsr show Since FreeBSD 5.3, a ported version of OpenBSD's PF firewall has been included as an integrated part of the base system. PF is a complete, full-featured firewall that has optional support for ALTQ (Alternate Queuing), which provides Quality of Service ( QoS ). The pf packet filter was developed for OpenBSD but is now included in FreeBSD, which is where I've used it. Having it run at boot and the like is covered in the various documents, however I'll quickly run through the steps for FreeBSD.

PF has been a part of the GENERIC OpenBSD kernel since OpenBSD 3.0. Previous OpenBSD releases used a different firewall/NAT package which is no longer supported. PF was originally developed by Daniel Hartmeier and is now maintained and developed by Daniel and the rest of the OpenBSD team.

Packet Filter (from here on referred to as PF) is OpenBSD's system for filtering TCP/IP traffic and doing Network Address Translation. PF is also capable of normalizing and conditioning TCP/IP traffic, as well PF has been a part of the GENERIC kernel since OpenBSD 3.0. PF was originally developed by Daniel Hartmeier and is now maintained and OpenBSD PF: Address Pools and Load Balancing NAT Address Pool An address pool can be used as the translation address in nat-to rules. Connections will have their source address translated to an address from the pool based on the method chosen. This can be useful in situations where PF is performing NAT for a very large network. OpenBSD Router with PF - SOLRAC Blog

Please help, bi-nat on PF not working. I have NAT working on my system, but I need to apply bi-nat rules to 20 IP's. When OpenBSD booted on the laptop running on

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