Jun 07, 2012 · My MID 2.3 wont allow some web pages to load. Just as they are about to load completly, im sent back to my home screen. Its like they are almost there, but at the last second they just cancel themselves. This has only been happening for the last day or two, but i cant access any of the web sites i want to! Hope you can help Rhona

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Sep 19, 2015

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I can't get web pages to load on my MacBook Pro. Airport connects with the router and ping tests work fine (on www.google.com) but web pages aren't loading in any browser in any user account. Internet works on all other devices. Worked fine until yesterday when it just stopped working. Update: Very strange.

On Firefox, you can download the User Agent Switcher extension for quick changes, or change Firefox's built-in setting, which is a bit more involved. To do this, type about:config in the address Some webpages won't load, out of options to try. - Web Feb 27, 2015