Dec 20, 2014 · Which means that I can’t search to see who is looking on Google Maps to see where my home address is relative to Denver, or similar. Which, retrospectively, might be a good thing. The easiest way to get to Google Search History is to simply start in Google Maps. Look on the lower right corner for the ‘gear’ icon and click on it:

Aug 18, 2016 View and delete your browsing history in Internet Explorer Jun 05, 2020 How to Stop Google Searches Appearing on Other Devices May 02, 2019 privacy - Can the employer view my Google/YouTube history Short answer: no, your Google Apps admin can NOT see your web search or YouTube history. I'm a Super-Admin (highest level) for my company under Apps for Business, and I can't find any YouTube or web history activity via my Admin console.

Apr 20, 2005 · Google today released “My Search History” which allows you to see your search history on Google, AND the links on the search results pages that you clicked on. Above are my first few stored searches as shown on my “My Search History” page. As you can see, Google stores your search history, and allows you to search your search history.

Can I know if someone is viewing my Google search history You can’t know if someone is looking at your history. But you can do things about it. You get a notification telling you that you have signed in from a different account. So in that case, you can know someone is getting in your business. Someone c

Jul 11, 2012

Google apps How to review and delete your Google search history Oct 25, 2018 Can I find my Google Maps search history? - Ask Dave Taylor Dec 20, 2014 What is My Activity?